JASA Eco™ environmentally friendly disposable foodware for a greener world

As we pursue convenience in our daily lives, we take many things for granted. Fast cars, laptops, broadband internet and disposable products are all indispensable parts of our daily lives. However what we don’t see is the impact of our actions on the environment. The very things that have made our lives better over the years have adversely affected the planet.

So how can we reduce our consumption and our impact on nature? JASA Eco™ is here to provide a solution – for everyone who cares about the Earth. A sustainable future starts today so our children and future generations can inherit a beautiful world.

JASA Eco™ is a range of disposable foodware developed from corn starch that is the green alternative to conventional foodware. Our products include plates, bowls, water cups and cutlery of varying sizes. They are designed for everyday use, from catering events to private parties. All are of a high quality to ensure that they are functional and that they shall naturally break down into organic fragments within a few months of disposing.

Offering maximum convenience for your everyday lifestyle, JASA Eco™ products are the ideal choice to show you care about the future of the world.


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Remember, please dispose of our products responsibly after use. Keep our environment beautiful.

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